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USB 3.0 20-Pin Female to 2x USB 3.0 20-Pin Male Y Adapter
Part #: ele-1275
Price: $22.99
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Works perfectly, and looks better!
Reviewer:McLabia (1)
I was a little worried there was going to be an issue based on the previous review, but after buying and installing it after some reassurances from customer service, I''m glad I did. It looks a lot better than the pictured version does. There is no longer any blue, the connectors are all black, and the cable is a little longer than what it looks like in the picture. If you need to split a USB 3.0 port, this is exactly what you need. I appreciate the customer service agent answer my questions when I emailed in, and the shipping was decently quick. For cable management''s sake, I would have liked the cable a little longer, but that one is subjective due to my placement. I''m running this off of a USB 3.0 PCie card, and a longer length would have been awesome, but if plugged into the motherboards USB 3.0 slot, it bends under and out of the main section of any case just perfectly. TL;DR Pros: Splits USB 3.0 20 pin Good length of cable Solid black to hide in a case. Inexpensive Cons: Cables could be a little longer (Subjective) Would have liked to see the cables in some sort of braided sheathing, but I could do that myself.

No go...
Reviewer:Walt P (1)
Well, I had high hopes of using this to connect all 4 of the USB 3.0 ports built into the front of my Antec Nineteen Hundred tower. It unfortunately did not work. Anyhow, I suppose this could be doable under a different configuration; however, I must say that I am at a loss on this one.