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Scythe Ita Kaze Hard Disk Cooler (SCIT-1000)
Part #: hdc-59
Price: $15.99
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Design issues
Reviewer:roqz (1)
I have a couple of overheating hard disks in an old case without proper ventilation and I thought that adding this cooler between both would be a good cooling solution, and it was... However, the screws are very tight, and if you persevere and screw those all the way, then the tips will stop the blades from turning! So, I had to unscrew a bit, but because of that, a lot of vibration was transferred to the case and it made that PC very noisy. After removing a bit of the screw I was able to use this product again, but still, it was a huge design issue to sell the device as is. On the cooling issue, both disks were at around 50C and after using this cooler, they got to less than 40C.