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Phobya Xtreme 200 Radiator - 85mm Version 2 - Full Copper
Part #: ex-rad-680
Price: $59.99
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fan mounting plates?
Reviewer:mdroberts728 (1)
this radiator fits beautifuly in my HIGHLY modded HAF X case and cools my current loop by several degrees C. had to take off 1 star due to only able to mount 1 fan, and would have to purchase a 2nd rad just for the plate to mount in push-pull config.

Excellent radiator, but NOT 60mm thick
Reviewer:10e (5)
The box says 85mm thick so it''s not a case of improper box labelling. FrozenCPU has this improperly listed on the site. I was specifically wanting a 200mm, 60mm thick radiator for a Silverstone TJ08-E case because I can fit one without modding the mobo tray, but I guess I''ll have to mod the tray now. Nice rad with a decent fan though.