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Swiftech Apogee XL Extreme Performance Universal CPU Waterblock - Acetal (Intel / AMD)
Part #: ex-blc-1725
Price: $59.99
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Could use better threading
Reviewer:SirMisAlot (1)
90 degree angle barb popped off the other day like a cork taking the threads with it and all i did was move a hose a half inch to get a couple wires tucked behind stuff. If you use barbs that have a 90 degree angle be wary of this one mine is only 7 months old

Its a good block and works quite well
Reviewer:anonymous (3)
The reason for the 4 star is because of the aesthetics. When you put in the "red" plastic color plate and turn on the power. the block is a nice shade of...bright orange. this does not pair to well with a black and red themed computer. Overall its great and this is just a warning for people planning to use the red color plate with this item.

Buy it... don''t hesitate...
Reviewer:Abronymous (7)
Just, don''t use too much thermal paste. That was an oops on my part. I added the correct amount of thermal paste (don''t spread it... at all.) This water block under extensive load, kept it belowe 46 degrees celcius... and being me, that''s more than comforting for me. I try to keep all my temperatures below 50. Preferably 40 and even then, that performs almost very well but under medium load (gaming wise.) As said, dont hesitate buying this. It performs amazingly.