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92mm Black Anodized Fan Filter (BKFAN90)
Part #: ffa-05
Price: $3.99
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Not a looker but a good performer.
Reviewer:Zver711 (13)
I put two of these babies on my side panel. First I sandwiched them b/w the fans and the case panel, and the noise of air whistling through the aluminum was a bit too much, so I had to put them on the outside of the case, so the noise subsided. I used to get tons of dust in this case, its huge, tall and still has 5 PATA HDs, who''s cables are dust traps so the case was always a horror to clean. Just putting 2 of these filters killed the 90% of dust if not more. Of course any filter or grill will kill the airflow amount, but I don''t see a temperature difference either on a CPU or a motherboard. These filters don''t have a "stylish" look but they do the job. They held a huge amount of dust after a couple of weeks and the blower didn''t do justice, so I had to use an old toothbrush to clean the dust caught in those tiny holes.