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ModRight FilterRight 120mm Black Aluminum Fan Filter
Part #: ffi-15
Price: $2.99
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Reviewer:Brian (3)
Excellent, low profile design with strong construction. The screen is metal mesh, just like the type found on a laundry dryer.

Very Nice
Reviewer:Mike F (1)
Got 2 80 x 80''s originally and liked them. So when I was adding 3 120MM intakes on the top of my case I figured I would go with these. Installation was easy enough. The only reason I am giving these a 4 out of 5 is because of the tolerances around holes (they allow a little bit of light to pass through if using LED fans). This however is remedied by a little Clear RTV sealant applied with a Q tip and then going over the RTV with a wet Q tip then using a Sharpie Pen to color in the remainder. As for not be fooled by the screen removal screws. All you have to do is vacuum the top of the screen and your done.

Good Stuff With Tower26 and Feser Triebwerk
Reviewer:NKrader (5)
Purchased 3 more to fill the top of my Tower26 Front Figured out that if you flip them over upside down they will sit flush with the front of the case! Cheers good product

Great On DD Cases
Reviewer:NKrader (5)
Purchased 1 of these to test fit on front of DD-Tower26 Case with open fan holes and they work perfect there is a small gap in between the fiter and the case that still needs to be filled somehow.. Overall very good product and I will be purchasing 3 more for the rest of the slots :) -NKrader

good performance, screws annoying
Reviewer:Capt TW (7)
I ordered 3 different filters to see which works best for me. I got the DEMCiflex 120mm Magnetic / Fan Dust Filter, the 120mm Blue Steel Mesh Filter / Grill and the FilterRight 120mm. The DEMCiflex has the best filter performance but on an Enermax Magma it cuts the airflow to half (subjectively not measured). The Steel Mesh Filter adds a really annoying high pitched sound when used and the relative big holes will most likely not filter smaller particles. The FilteRight cuts the airflow not as noticeable as the DEMCiflex but still I would guess it decreased by at least if not more. But overall it presents the best balance between filter performance and airflow, and best of all it didn''t add any strange noises :) I would give it a 5 if it would use a magnetic attachment for the filter part maybe similar to the DEMCiflex and not those annoying screws (maybe something to improve in the future).