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FrozenCPU Deluxe Heatsink Lapping Kit
Part #: lag-01
Price: $10.99
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Pretty decent little kit
Reviewer:eviltone (2)
I was able to lap ONE heatsink with this. If you keep the paper nice and wet -- you wont have as much of a "not enough paper" issue. the size is a little small on the pieces and the "glass" but if you take your time, and work with what you get, its a great little kit. Saved me from having to throw out my Hyper 212 evo that i didn''t store properly and got the base all messed up. got most of the scratches and nicks out.

Good lapping kit
Reviewer:buzznut (12)
So I found the kit to be just the right size for lapping HS or CPU heat spreader. The included glass ensures a level of flatness you can''t get without it. Still have the 2500 grit paper, good for wetsanding too. I can''t find grits this fine in my local hadware store, 1500 is about the best I can get.

Not a great lapping kit
Reviewer: ()
This lapping kit was by far a disappointment, first of all they dont give you enough paper sheets to complete the task second of all the tiny plexi-glass sheet was too small, to lap properly you need almost 2 sheets of every grain and a surface 2 times as big as the paper you are using, BIG DISAPPOINTMENT I know the people at FROZENCPU know how to lap, so why would they give customers a product that doesn''t do the job :(

Could have done better for less $
Reviewer: ()
I purchased this kit to lap my new heat sink and I have two problems. First is that there isn''t enough of the lower grit sandpaper to get the job done. Second there are no instructions included as indicated by the description, however they are available for download at the bottom of the item page. This kit is no better then any others online except for the 2500 grit paper, but there are others that also have 2500. I''m pretty disappointed in this kit as it would have been easy enough to just buy some sand paper from a specialty store an gotten a lot more of it at a lower cost.

Make sure you visit your local Home Depot!
Reviewer:Frank T. (2)
Tech Level - Enthusiast - First time lapping Pros - Shipping was quick; ordered with the 6-9 day and got it in 3 ( I live on the East Coast and I think FrozenCPU is in California) Contains high grits that most stores don''t carry. If done by a beginner you can expect at least a 2C drop in temp if not more. Cons - Expensive; you can go to Home Depot and buy the same grits (3 sheets of 12x8) for less than $4, 5 grits for $20; Only reason why I purchased this kit was because my Home Depot did not carry such high grits. Papers are too small for a complete cycle of strokes. I ended up using the papers to the last corner and still needed more. DID NOT come with a set of instructions even though it was advertised. I felt that if there was instructions included, I would have a better understanding of what I needed to do in order to grind off all of the nickel. The grain didn''t last long at all, after 30 passes, you can see and feel the grain getting smooth; not good for lapping. Applying water for wet sanding made it smooth even quicker. Other Thoughts - It came with a block of plastic; didn''t know what it was for, most likely to keep the papers from bending during shipping. I couldn''t get a mirror finish; the papers were too small for me to grind the nickel off completely from the middle so I had to go from 400 to 1200 then all the way back to 400 and repeat back up; ran out of paper then said, "screw it" and just sanded with 2000 and 2500 then called it a day. Great if you don''t have the higher grits, but is a bit small. Make sure you visit your home depot first and buy a few sheets of the available grits and if you''re missing the higher ones, buy this kit. Overall Satisfaction: Pleased Would purchase again (with prior visits to my Home Depot) Would recommend to a friend

great kit
Reviewer:fade2green514 (1)
couldnt find anything finer than 2000 grit sandpaper at local stores.. this stuff is great. lapped cpu IHS down to a mirrored finish and the heatsink as well.

From 80C to 60C in a hurry
Reviewer:Bot-Chok (1)
I spent about 2 hours lapping my thermalrighht ultraa 120extreme. My temps fell from 80C and the CPU shutting down to 60C with intelTAT. Amazing! The sheets are small and I think you can only use this once but for the price it is a good kit. I used a metal heavy duty file first then really coarse sandpaper for the first hour. Then I started with this kit slowly incresing the grit. I was in a hurry so I didn''t get the smooth surface that this kit is able to do but I still got great results! So, in short take your time with this kit! The more time you spend the better performance! Love it!!!!