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Logisys Dual 12" Cold Cathode Kit - Red
Part #: lit-36
Price: $7.99
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My First Cathode Kit
Reviewer:Max (1)
Well iv recently bulit my first gaming pc im a console convert to many dead 360. I dident know anything about lighting a computer i ordered this with the cheapest shipping an it got here in two days amazingly fast. I hook everything up easily its got everything you need. Worked on the first try switch installed an everything i definitly would recommend this product. But i dissagree the lighting is red if the side panel is off an light is allowed to escape then it gives an orange glow. with a window however its red as reds gunna get. Will definitly be shopping here again.

Works great
Reviewer:Landon (2)
I just install a pair of these and everything works great. The tubes are super bright. I actually took one out of my case because they are too bright and drown out my other lighting.

Very Nice
Reviewer:helplessbob (11)
Cathodes are bright, not true red, and not true orange, kind of a mix between the two. Inverter only gets warm. Very nice product.

Dual Red Cathode lighting
Reviewer:Paul (3)
Overall, product works great. Perhaps more lighting than I need. I may unplug one of the cathodes for now. Very bright!

Reviewer:Dustin (1)
These cathodes are not red but orange. They are very bright but not at all red. I give them a one only because they are very good if you are looking for orange lighting.

It''s red and cool but it depend''s how you look at it.
Reviewer:jdrson (3)
This is a really bright Cathode, My recent project theme was going red with the rest of my led fans and cpu cooler, but it''s brightness (which looks cool by the way!) thrown it off a little to me that is, it''s because of my set up and the rest of my led''s are darker red but that''s me,but if it was a standalone lighting in your case, it''s perfect! no doubt!

Reviewer:Joe V (3)
very bright, works flawlessly so far.