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Logisys 4" Dual Cold Cathode Kit - UV
Part #: lit-96
Price: $5.99
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Reviewer:RELtimes Graphics (21)
All the review said it was a bright set. Not impressed. OF course if I had done my research on mayhems dyes I might have had better luck. Not going to knock these little CCFL''s to hard, they try.

work as they should
Reviewer:gboeds (3)
got these to light up my WC tubing, which they do very nicely. Looked better when I had one at the top and one at the bottom of the case, but the one at the top fell after a few hours, the velcro pads do not hold very well

they worked great...
Reviewer:oqsajec (4)
I''ve had my set for about a month. I used them to accent the UV reactive coils on my water cooling tubes on the bottom of my case (Corsair 800D), but i turned my rig on, switched on the tubes and one of them stopped working. I checked the inverter, the plug, even switched the go. It was only 10 bucks so a return would cost me almost as''s still working very good, its freakin brighter than my 2 12''inch tubes........

Pretty darn good!
Reviewer:GoNuts461 (3)
I bought 2 kits for my Apevia Q-Box case to accent my Orange Sleeving Kit and my DFI LAN Party Jr Mobo. One of the tubes is signifigantly less bright, it''s an ohmage thing i guess, with it only plugged in, it''s as bright as the other, but when both are in, it dims. Maybe look at getting 2 single kits if you want full intensity. Since there was no "Void Warranty if Removed" stuck to the side, i took the case appart to mark +/- wires on the cathode side for sleeving purposes and i was very impressed with the PCB. It''s a very hearty build with sturdy components and it even has a micro glass fuse soldered to the board for a short circuit saver! 4 small tubes accent my 9x10x11 (HxWxD) case and still allowed me to hide my tubes from direct sight!