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FrozenCPU Molex Crimping Tool(HT-225D)
Part #: slt-16
Price: $26.99
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works great
Reviewer:Hell_Hunterii (16)
used this for my entire build, makes nice clean crimps. I was told to spend more on a nicer version, but honestly this one worked fine for me. Remember to set the pressure down to minimum before you use it. Works on ATX, molex, spade terminals and dupont 1 pin connectors.

Fantastic tool!
Reviewer:The Cheese (1)
For a very little outlay, this tool brings high-quality results. I was struggling with my results, until I found a walk-through video on YouTube. After I had some instruction on using the crimper, my results are world-class!

Crimp away....
Reviewer: Anonymous
When I first got it I was having problems making crimps on standard ATX female connector pins. I didn''t know this tool performs the crimp in ONE motion crimp. You don''t need to crimp the wire support and the wire contact separately. It crimps both of them at the same time. Once I knew this, my crimps got better and better, slowly. Other than that, its a great tool and of course like everything else in the US is made in China.

Buy some extra pins if its your first time crimping
Reviewer:Noclip (2)
Very high quality tool. Takes a few tries to get use to the crimping process. But once you''ve got the process down it crimps flawlessly every time. I would suggest buying extra pins if your new to crimping.

Superb Tool and a Must Have
Reviewer:a computertech (1)
May take some practice and/or getting used to but does a great job. Comfortable one handed reset ratcheting action. Crimps Male and Female: molex as well as the mini 3pin sizes

Well built
Reviewer:Victor (4)
This tool is really well built with solid ratcheting. Although my pins don''t look like the manufactures but this user error. My pins come out smashed flat or one side round and the other flattened on top of it.

Reviewer:mrgoodcat (2)
i agree with the other review - the picture does not do this justice. Mine is slightly a different style, the handle is blue with black and its not sparkly. Nice ratcheting action and excellent crimps. Made rewiring my computer much easier. If you need to do any wire modding or custom computing, this is a must have, not even my local fry''s carried it, glad i got it from frozencpu

great tool!
Reviewer:ben (1)
this picture definitely doesn''t give this tool justice. really good and sturdy tool. ratchet action, which i couldn''t really tell because my RJ45 crimping tool has it in a different style.