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Arctic Silver 5 (High-Density Silver Thermal Compound) - 3.5 Grams (AS5-3.5G)
Part #: thr-16
Price: $7.99
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3.5g for life
Reviewer:WJC3 (10)
They are not kidding when the info says you can get about 2 dozen applications from this tube. I bought mine many years ago. The adhesive on the label is gone. I had to use packing tape to reattach. Unfortunately, AS5 is now in the middle of the pack when it comes to performance. It is still better than any other of those white no name pastes/pads. I mainly use it for non-overclocked builds/repairs now.

3.5 grams goes a very long way.
Reviewer: ()
In my opinion, this is the best Thermal Paste out there. Yes, there are some really good other brands, but AS5 has never failed me and in the vast number of reviews everywhere, AS5 comes out on top. Well worth it for the price.

Old and effective...can''t argue with chemistry
Reviewer:Chunkboi (8)
As a metal, silver has a higher thermal conductivity than copper. I''ve used this stuff to match heatsinks to CPU''s for over a decade. It works. It works VERY well. I still keep a syringe of it in my toolkit.

The best
Reviewer:Wayne (35)
Ive used arctic 3 and 4 and none are as good as number 5. It will stain you competent, but you just have to rub a little harder than normal with alcohol to take off. I guess its the high silver content that causes that(which is good). Wouldn''t recommend anything else to anyone looking to cool down anything from video cards to north and south bridges.

AS5, I think I love you.
Reviewer:helplessbob (11)
Awesome stuff. I wouldn''t use anything else.

Good stuff
Reviewer: Anonymous
works great

easy to use
Reviewer:Zolrak (3)
I think this has much to do whit my new CPU temperature, so has a 5 ;)

Best stuff in its class...
Reviewer:Franzkefka (13)
Doesnt even compair to Liquid pro, BUT!. what i have noticed in using these 2 different thermal compounds is that for the most part AS5 works alot better on large contact surfaces, such as AMD and Intel CPU''s with the IHS'' intact. Also works better on the larger G80 gpu than liquid pro did. i Assume its do to poor surface contact as liquid pro tends to lay so flat that if the IHS or Heatsink arent both flat as glass liquid pro doesnt make good contact. and it also is useable on aluminum. so IMO. Toppless CPU''s with copper coolers go with liquid pro IHS''d Cpu''s and gpu''s with copper or aluminum Heatsinks go with AS5.