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ArctiClean 1 & 2 (Thermal Material Remover and Surface Purifier) - 60ml Kit
Part #: thr-20
Price: $6.99
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Works as a screen cleaner also!
Reviewer:Deedrix (4)
Did its job with so much to spare that I started using step 2 bottle to clean my monitor :)

Works Well
Reviewer:SE (0)
I normally use Denatured alcohol for removing thermal paste and it works pretty well, but this works even better. I was skeptical at first but I am glad I went ahead and bought it. Acetone work very well to, but it can take off the printing on the chip. This stuff does not appear to remove the printing.

Works Great
Reviewer:xneowolfx (4)
I use alcohol to get off the bulk of thermal paste and use this to clean up to better than factory out-of-the-box.

Better than combustable lemons!
Reviewer: ()
I have used this kit several times and compared to the older isopropyl alcohol method, this reigns supreme! Just be aware that you tend to go through the Thermal Material Remover faster than the purifier, so if you want the most for your buck, use the isopropyl alcohol first, then the thermal remover, and finally the purifier. Whatever the isopropyl alcohol doesn''t take off, this stuff will!

Work Great!
Reviewer:Zaeris (4)
Clean my CPU to a nice and shiny shine

Damn Good
Reviewer:Sanguine (4)
Best product I''ve ever used and have recommended it for a long time.

ArctiClean 1 & 2 (Thermal Material Remover
Reviewer:norberto (19)
works very good on cpu and gpu remover and clean tim the best so far ty

Reviewer:Daredevil Bear (5)
It Works really well

Citrus Cleaner and Glass Cleaner?
Reviewer:ametuer_builder (3)
At least that what it seems like to me. Works well, and assures me that the surface is clean.

Mandatory tool in any tech & overclocker kit...
Reviewer:Drew Bliss (3)
I love Arctic products, including this one. Ive been using the stuff for over 5 years, and have yet to find fault with its performance. I conserve it by using some 95% alcohol to get the bulk of TIM off a surface, but the Step 1 Solution really gets the surface completely clean with just 3 or 4 drops and Q-tips. I''m not sure about the usefulness of Step 2, but I use it anyway- it cant hurt anything, and it seems to finish the process well enough.

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