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ArctiClean 1 & 2 (Thermal Material Remover and Surface Purifier) - 60ml Kit
Part #: thr-20
Price: $6.99
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Reviewer:helplessbob (11)
You wouldn''t believe how much old thermal compound this stuff cleans off. Incredible.

great product
Reviewer: ()
I needed a way to clean off the old thermal goop from my CPU, so i could install the new stuff 24 karat diamond paste so I wanted the heat slug as clean as possible. This stuff worked incredibly well and fast. well worth the price of entry.

articlean review
Reviewer:kern l (1)
this stuff works as advertised. this and some q-tips and your all set basically. it really cleans the surfaces properly. no issues whatsoever.

A requirement for anyone applying their own thermal!
Reviewer:JS (8)
Amazing product! You wouldn''t believe how much non-thermally conductive crap is on everything until you see what this cleans off of it. Cheap at twice the price!

a must have
Reviewer:rscott521 (1)
I''ve always just used alcohol to clean thermal parts but I tried this stuff after I thought I had cleaned off the old compound and it just kept removing gunk from the crevices of the heatsink and processor. It really makes a difference.

Works Great
Reviewer:Wojciech (6)
Used a tissue to clean off most of the excess thermal paste on my heatsink and CPU, Artic Clean 1 worked great in removing the remaining thermal paste and Artic Clean 2 made it all nice and shiny. I could probably lick my processor its so clean

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