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Coollaboratory Liquid PRO Thermal Interface Material
Part #: thr-26
Price: $13.99
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Reviewer:Wanescotting (1)
Maybe not for the novice, this stuff works. I used a brush to apply a thin coating on a bare ivy bridge die and both of my 7970 gpus ( I covered the nearby transistors with liquid electrical tape) This is the best Tim I have used as a hobbyist, and I have been tinkering since 486 was cool

Surface prep will "make-or-break" the job
Reviewer:Hyperlight Reseaarch (4)
Everything has to be shiny as mirror-shiny because the stuff literally Alloys" to the mating surfaces. ...Now if we could just get it by the 1-Gallon bottle to use a coolant!

THE TIM to use with Delidded Ivy Bridge
Reviewer:Stay Puft (1)
I''ve been using MX4 with my Delidded 3770K for weeks and finally decided to order and try the Pro. All i have to say is i wish i hadn''t waited so long. I dropped 20C lower with the Pro over the MX4 and am now able to run 5 Ghz stable. Amazing product and a user for life.

Reviewer:Mouse51180 (18)
I bought 1 tube of this a couple years ago and was a headache to use. Never got it to spread as easily as they seem to do it on the video. Got it to spread on eventually, but was not a fun, easy, or clean task. Upgraded my some parts on my pc and decided to give this stuff another chance. As I was slowly sqweezing the contents out I hit an air bubble in the tube and a big blob of it squirted across my video card. I FREAKED. This is liquid metal and I am sure I had just made some kind of micro connection on my board. I cleaned it up as best as I could and thankfully saved the video card, but it was a scare I did not like. This stuff works great, but it is not worth the time, headache, and worry for an extra degree or two. Stick with a good thermal paste...this stuff can easily turn your gaming rig into a door stop if your not careful. Will NEVER buy this again.

The most PERFECT thermal interface available!
Reviewer:JS (8)
Coollaboratory liquid metal not only has a high thermal conductivity and works well for air cooled rigs but it does especially well for TEC and phase change applications as its melting point is 8 degrees C, so it solidifies into a block of metal giving a near perfect thermal interface. Great support from the company when asking them about sub-zero specs. A few application tricks: Use dielectric under and along sides of CPU topped off with a silicone sealant to prevent any from getting to CPU during application and afterwards. I also lapped both the CPU and the cooler interfaces to 1/2000, used Arctic cleaning solutions, and then applied the liquid metal to both interfaces and put a small bead in center with a lot of clamping pressure.

Amazing if you dont plan on removing the CPU cooler.
Reviewer:Foxx (1)
Without a doubt this is the best TIM I''ve ever used, but beware, if you''re one like me who rebuilds their system every few months, this is not for you. Once its hardened on your CPU and cooler, you will need to lap both surfaces to get them clean and smooth again. This stuff is great, but it just isn''t for me.

can be a PITA to use, but works really well after the effort
Reviewer:xrror (1)
So I stumbled upon my syringe of this again the other day (it''s been what, 2 years?), and decided to try it out again. This stuff still works really well =) It''s particularly awesome with bare dies (read: video cards). Also if you lap both your cpu and heatsink it''s awesome since it''s "thin" but doesn''t creep. Only real downer i''ve had is it seems to really grime up heatsinks when in use for a year or so - I had to relap the heatsink to fully clear it off. So if you change heatsinks a lot might not be so great. But I''m not sure my experience is typical.

Best stuff todate IMO
Reviewer:Franzkefka (13)
Applyed to a Opteron 170 @ 3ghz 1.475v with no IHS under water cooling and my temps are 35''c loaded dual prime, Compaired to over 45''c on Dynex silver compound. which is about the lowest of the low when it comes to silver compounds. this stuff is a bit tricky to apply but take your time and its well worth the extra couple of bucks for this stuff.

Reviewer:m.oreilly (1)
this is "it", as far as thermal interface goes. superior product (i have been ordering from coollabs themselves for a time before ''frozen" had it). take care at application, and you will have the ultimate thermal interface solution!

Amazing stuff!
Reviewer:LoJo (4)
This stuff worked perfect for my e6600 and amd 6000+. Both I installed on a Gemin II CPU & MoBo cooler. Just use a model paint brush and a lot of patience. It seems the longer you work the stuff the easier it spreads. Performance wise, I have yet to find something as good.

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