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Dual Ended Universal Molex Removal Tool
Part #: too-05
Price: $9.99
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Average Rating: Results: 1-8 of 8

Reviewer:inlandchris (14)
Simple and effective. only used it a few times and really saves time and pins if you want to re-use the pins. Used only on the molex power plugs.

Reviewer:Hell_Hunterii (16)
Its heavy, built like a tank and it works. Removes male and female pins.

Looks good sleeved, plus adds more grip
Reviewer:Wayne (35)
Works very efficiently. A simple poke, push wire and pull wire... Presto it done. Now only twenty to go lol.

Reviewer:D (2)
does what its supposed to do

its good
Reviewer:soyo7 (2)
it a nice tool, but nothing a micro screwdriver (flat head)cant do,but it sure looks nice in my tool box

Reviewer:K1yka (18)
I tried the "sleeving" thing for the extra money. Don''t it literally fell off in less than 10 seconds of using it. I resealed it with more heat shrink but it fell off again the first time I used it again! The tool works good. Just don''t bother with the sleeving. BTW On the shiping package it has 3 boxes that are initialed by people who work on it. One is the sleever, one is the heat shrinker, one is the verifier. Guess which one was NOT initialed on mine? yep So that will be the last time I use one of those novelty options.

Simple, Easy, Works like a charm!
Reviewer:Deucalion (11)
This tool is so simple to use. insert into molex connector. rock in a circle, pull out pin. It has a shiny surface that looks good and keeps ADD children busy. Worth every penny, and feels great in your hand because it has a little heft (weight) to it!

Reviewer:madaaron (1)
works way better than the plastic crap for 3 bucks. Spend the extra few dollars and buy a tool that will outlast your pc.