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Coolmax PS-124 Power Supply Tester
Part #: psu-208
Price: $12.99
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These are a must have!
Reviewer:T.K. (2)
I needed one of these real bad and I felt this one from FrozenCPU was the best one I could find with a reasonable price to boot! Good price good equipment no complaints.

A Handy Tool
Reviewer:Regn (1)
This device does exactly as described, and is great for testing out your PSU before continuing on with a build. Be careful not to plug your 24-pin connector in all the way, since it is frustrating to remove after you are done testing.

No instructions, Jeff with excellent cust svc via phone
Reviewer:JLA (1)
After I learned the ATX 20/24 pin had to be plugged in as well as one each of the other connectors. This works great. Pinpointed and confirmed problems.

Very good for basic use.
Reviewer:Drew Bliss (3)
Satisfied with use of this tester. Gives relatively detailed results about the current functionality of power supplies in any PC troubleshooting situation. Great to make sure a PSU is working, even if it cant really tell a quality PSU from a decent one. Beeping is annoying as hell, though it serves its purpose: wish it wasn''t quite so loud.

Totally does the job
Reviewer:Hani (4)
has all power connections, clear LCD, push & hold activation button, black and what matter most... it actually WORKS.

Great device
Reviewer:Bill M (1)
This thing does just what you need it to do!! Saves me LOTS of time guessing about power supplys! Nice price!

Checks all leads
Reviewer:gcoder369 (2)
Works as advertised. Checks every connection from power supply unlike other testers I considered. Will give better readout than the cheaper led model giving real decimal power numbers so you know how close to nominal it''s putting out. The beeping until you hook up the 2nd rail is kind of annoying but will make you work quick.