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SilenX 120x120x38mm - 18dBA - 90CFM iXtrema Pro Fan (IXP-76-18)
Part #: fan-235
Price: $19.99
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Great fan so far!
Reviewer: ()
Finally bought this to replace the Cessna engine in our G4 -- a little trial and error but figured out how to use the adapter and hooked it up to the P5 port under the HD carrier. Just a tip if you decide to upgrade.

Clear a few things up
Reviewer: ()
Writing this review from the UK! Rather then writing a review, thought I would share a video of the fan in action, the only other thing running is my PSU. These fans are as quiet as Silenx make them out to be, I''ve no way to test the actual CFM but the fan performs as well as a 89cfm xigmatek. bare in mind the fans seem to have low static pressure, I would not use them as push fans on a rad.

Reviewer:Cannot Push Air (1)
I tried this fan with the Corsair H50 and due to the design of the fan blades, it cannot push air unless there''s no obstruction. It''s wimpy.

Reviewer:elvendawn (1)
As most mention, the pictured is the 25mm version, this is the 38mm fan, and I''ve used this fan for over a year running 24/7. So far its been a solid fan. Also for those who doubt the spec''s it definitely pushes out a lot more air then my 56cfm Arctic Cooling fans I have powering the rear of my case.

Quiet but not 90cfm
Reviewer:Hank (1)
Compared to a 120vac fan with 110cfm at 46dba the SilenX fans are extremely quiet but about half the cfm.

motor noise
Reviewer:Im (1)
Used or using (all 120mm fans) enermax enlobal fan, noctua nf-p 12, thermal take tt-1225, vantec stealth, lian li case bundle fan and few other nameless fans (and of course this silent X ). None of the above fan had audible motor noise but this one. One of the enlobal bearing had epic fail after couple weeks and started to make grinding noise, but at least while it worked, it did not give off motor noise. Silent X, despite of its name, is anything but silent. Without any speed control the motor produces substantial noise, and with the speed control (matched to other fans rpm and/or aprox cfm) it still produces relatively high motor noise compare to other 120mm fans. It does pushes air quite a lot, but not surprising amount compare to Vantec high speed fan which with no motor noise. Blade noise and air friction noise is impressively low but it might have been the motor noise that masked it though. Construction feels significantly cheaper than noctua, but slightly better than enermax enlobal (which doesn’t mean a lot). If it wasn’t for the advertisement of theirs, I would say this is a good fan, but it does not live up to their claim and there are better choices like noctuas. If I were you, I would skip this one. (Oh and skip enlobal series. Worst than free fan.)

quiet, but not well balanced
Reviewer: ()
it was almost inaudible at one foot, but so badly out of balance that it squeeked in its mounting. Perhaps mine is defective.

Silent at 18dBA true, but 90 CFM no way!
Reviewer:jongri (2)
Purchased 3 of these & installed them on side panel (intake) on my CoolerMasterStacker 830 S2 Case. They are silent @ advertised 18dBA but despite no obstructions on intake or the output the air flow (CFM) is at best 2/3''s or 60 CFM? (Certainly not their advertised 90 CFM''s.) Given the super high price SilenX should have at least included Fan LED''s for these. They are much quieter then my other 5-120MM AeroCool Xtreme Turbine(w/ Blue LED''s) 89.39CFM @32.46 dB(A) case fans but do not even come close to matching AeroCool XtremeTurbine''s 89.39CFM''s nor their awesome appearance period! Over all, I''m dissappointed with these 120MM x 38MM SilenX 18dBA(True!)90CFM(NO WAY!) Case fans given their higher retail price verses their actual performance and very plain (non-LED)appearance.

quietEST fan I''ve tested yet
Reviewer:Drujon (33)
Provided you use the included rubber mounts, and provided you have the proper static air flow and have an unobstructed area for these to both intake and exhaust air, you shouldn''t notice these on until you crank up to the max setting. Remember to check these fit for your application! I forgot to measure the screws for my radiator, and unfortunately was forced to modify this fan to attach to my radiator properly... humbug. I have 4 of these in my case, and 2 120x120x25 MM silenx fans coming for my EXOS-2 this week. I was forced to order them from ggeweN because FrozenCPU was sold out of the 72CFM version for about a week. I will be posting a rating of each of these fans using a DB meter borrowed from my father this week to prove/disprove the 18 dbA claim! Stay tuned.

Unrealistic ratings.....
Reviewer:DaleRider (1)
Tested in a controlled environment....cfm rating is "ambitious" at best, actually delivers approx. 60% of rated cfm. Sound rating is about half of what it really has....which is low 30 dBa. But, if you go to SilenX''s website, you''ll see how they arrive at their sound ratings, at least in part. Instead of one reading, they take one reading on-axis and two readings off-axis, all at one meter, and average the three readings. Of course, they never mention what voltage the fan is running at when taking their sound guess is around 5-7V. It certainly isn''t at 12V...any reputable testing site that has tested these fans can attest to how loud they truly are...Silent PC Review comes to mind. Air flow is much lower than rated. conducted an exhaustive fan test and these barely managed to put out 60% of their "rated" cfm....into air, never mind through a radiator. In the end, overpriced fans with inflated ratings. And their small motors, that SilenX trumpets as helping quiet the fan, are simply too small and tend to overheat. Save your money and buy a good fan, like a Scythe S-Flex or a Zalman F3.

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