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SilenX 120x120x38mm - 18dBA - 90CFM iXtrema Pro Fan (IXP-76-18)
Part #: fan-235
Price: $19.99
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Does very well on a Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme
Reviewer:Andrey (4)
Before this fan, I had a Silverstone FM123 on my Ultra 120. A fin from this fan popped off and slapped me in the face. This fan is the replacement. I am impressed. The sweep of the fins allows for decreased flow pressure (not static pressure) despite increased thickness (38mm as opposed to 25mm), preventing flimsy fan blades from breaking off. Also, the specifications are not to be doubted. 90CFM it is, and at a virtually inaudible 18dB. You can feel the air flowing fast even through the restrictive Ultra 120. It is the third quietest fan in my case behind my SilenX 80mmx15mm fans (of which there are 3) and my 2 Aerocool Turbines (non-Xtreme). This fan is great...period. SilenX has proven itself to me as not a gimmick, but as a legitimate revolution in fan design.

90CFM iXtrema Pro
Reviewer:paulsz28 (1)
Yes, the fan is thicker than a 120x25mm fan, but you should be able to see that from the specs - this one is 120x38mm. Perhaps I have other loud fans in my case (I know I don''t), but I can''t hear this thing at all. I hear my Zalman CPU fan spool up louder than this thing. And yes, it moves loads of air, and I mean loads. I have this as my primary exhaust fan without H20, and it dropped my idle temp by 3C and load temp by 1C. I suppose that''s worth the price :)

For those who doubt the specs.. Don''t.
Reviewer:Jeff B (2)
The fan pictured is not this actual model. this one has bigger/deeper blades as its 38mm thick vs. the 25mm of the one pictured. In the photo of the multiple fans and sizes the 120mm pictured there is this model. About the fan: it simply performs great. massive airflow and very very low noise. not silent but very close.

change of mind after two weeks....
Reviewer:zgundam (2)
... after using this fan for roughly two weeks my opinion has changed - while yes the fan is dead quiet for a high cfm fan and yes it''s also dead quiet when undervolted, I don''t think this is really suited for use on a Radiator because static pressure generated by fan is not adequate enough compared to the Panaflo Medium''s - better stick with those if looking for ~85cfm high performance cooling

Can You Hear Me Now?
Reviewer:Therminal (2)
This is one of the quietest fans I''ve ever seen. 90 [email protected] 18-20db? WOW. Would I recommend buying this fan? Already have. This fan is worth the money. I put this over a Thermalright XP-120 and couldn''t have made a better choice. This is an excellent product. A really great fan.

Amazing fan
Reviewer:slick (7)
if you use the included silicone "screws" or have a silicone strip in between your heatsink, this really is 18db. at 90cfm it''s dynamic pressure isn''t the best i''ve seen, but it''s still amazing for the noise. i am running a e6600 with a thermalright-128 and this fan. @ 3.83 511 FSB at 46C...better then many watercooling setups that i''ve seen. this fan goes out of stock QUICK so if it''s in stock, get it! you wont be sorry.

Pretty good fan...
Reviewer:zgundam (2)''s not 18dbA as it advertises, BUT at full blast it''s much quieter than the Panaflo 120mm Medium''s that I was using before... all you can hear is the woosh of air even when u put your ear up to it. Of course, if you stick in on a radiator it''s going to be more noisy (I get a low level hum of sorts, not v. annoying). Unfortunately this fan doesn''t seem to like my fan controller (I''m using a LIS2 Premium from VLSystem) so I''m going to have to volt-mod it... or get another fan controller.

might not be 18 dBA, but its no more than 20
Reviewer:SniiPE_DoGG (1)
these fans are incredible compared to any fan I''ve ever worked with, they produce so much airflow (with so little noise, even compared to popular low CFM fans, truly a work of art warning to the wise: these are a bit thick so measure to make sure u can fit them

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