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Slim C-Strip Fan/Window Molding/Grommet Edging - Black
Part #: mol-04
Price: $1.50
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Good for what it is, not what I need
Reviewer:Dr. Strangebooty (1)
This is great trim for metal edges, I am assuming. I needed it to trim a plastic edge that is 1/16" thick. I was hoping that this would fit, but the inside width is only 1/32".

excellent product
Reviewer:E.H.Y (1)
excellent product, it''s shiny, flexible and strong.

Painfully Hard Install
Reviewer:jjjrmy (2)
It was very hard to install this. I''m not sure if my metal was too think or what, but every time I would try to put it on the tabs would bend in making it very hard to install. Doesn''t curve very well, only good for straight segments. I''m not sure why it has little slits in it, makes it harder to install.

Just OK
Reviewer: Anonymous
I used this to grommet a few 120mm fan holes. I found the plastic it''s made from to be cheap and inflexible. OK for straight lines but the outside of the edging cracks and looks ugly when turning corners (even on 120mm diameter hole)... I tried boiling it in hot water to soften the plastic, I tried prying the edging open first... Nothing prevents the cracking.

Works fantastic
Reviewer:mr. mud (2)
I''ve use it on every fanhole, in my case, make the job look professional, and hides the sharp edges..thanks frozencpu for keeping this in stock..

Great Stuff
Reviewer:JT (5)
First off, I asked for 6'' and these guys gave me almost 6 1/2''. Thanks guys. Take your time when applying the edging. When its all said and done, it looks really sharp.

Great stuff
Reviewer:helplessbob (11)
I would recommend this to anyone cutting a hole in their case. Goes on easy and looks very professional.