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HSPC Top Deck Tech Station Large Size - Black
Part #: cst-450
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Price: $99.99
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Does the Job, Feels Overpriced
Reviewer:ICONIK (3)
This tech station definitely does the job just fine. It is what you would expect it to be. I do agree with one of the earlier responses -- It is priced too high. I expected a level of fit and finish I just didn''t get. Several parts feel very cheap(grey legs, PCI card bar). It does craft together nicely though, so I can''t complain too much. Overall, yes this is a good buy. Would be much better prices $20-$30 cheaper.

Hey 1st reviewer
Reviewer:Surferjoee (2)
Hey reviewer "ethr" (1 use some common sense, loosen the screws that hold the metal brace in place before you insert the cards, dumb ass! I have one os these, great product and the price is fair. If you tried to build one yourself, buy the supplies and tools you would spend more.

Good product, bad price
Reviewer:ethr (1)
This product does what it says and is fairly well built. The price is way too high however. The expansion card support should be made of plastic reinforced with metal. It should also be redesigned so that it swings out. You have to bend it to get cards under it.

It does the job
Reviewer:Rambler (1)
I''d rather rate it a 3.5 but that wasn''t available so a 4 it is. It gets at least a three because it does what it is supposed to do. However, some things to realize. There''s a reason why they only show one cable in the picture. With all of the cable you need to attach, it gets messy very quickly. Even with a modular PSU it''s pretty bad. It took me a little longer than the directions stated (20-30mins) to put it together. Mostly because I made some mistakes. I attribute that to possibly not reading the directions well enough and/or the poor pictures included (I''m a visual learner kind of guy). I personally think it should be priced a bit lower (no higher than 120, preferably 100) but it was worth it to me as my last build was riddled with hardware problems and I made the mistake of just slapping everything into the case before testing.