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Rubber Anti-Vibration Screw 4-Pack for Closed Chassis Fans - Black (RS-CC-BK)
Part #: scr-100
Price: $1.99
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Try another...these suck
Reviewer:Exyia (1)
These are the worst rubber screws I''ve come across. They are simply FAR too stiff. It is EXTREMELY easy to pull too hard on these and break them - they are so stiff they would rather stay half-way through and snap off the end that you''re pulling from. I''ve gotten rubber screws included with fans that were better than these. Just pass and try another set.

Doesn''t stay put
Reviewer:enragedbull (1)
"Head" part that supposed to stay on mounting surface won''t stay because the diameter is too small. Fan just pops right off. Ate the 20% restocking fee for this one.

Actually pretty effective
Reviewer:Sean C (5)
Looking at some of the reviews, I was worried these wouldn''t work much or at all. They''re only a few bucks so I figured there isn''t much to lose. I put them in my computer this morning and yes, they work, very well. I have a CM-690II Advanced and I put these on both of the stock exhaust fans (because they''re both close chassis fans). The difference in vibration noise is huge. I mean, it''s absolute. Before, on full speed, the fans would use the entire case as a diaphragm; it would turn the vibrations directly into a loud ''brrr'' noise. Now there is, quite literally, no vibrational noise at all. I can turn the rear 120mm fan or the top 140mm fan to 100% and only hear the sound of air moving. Some things I''d like to point out: 1) Your fingers will probably hurt after installing these because you have to hold them tight to pull them through the fan. 2) These will stretch, a lot. You will only manage to break them if you are a gorilla.

RS-CC-BK rubber screws
Reviewer:Osmosium (1)
I just ordered these a 2nd time to replace some I broke. Handling a little too roughly I guess. Anyway, the ones I received the 2nd time were not the same and would not hold a standard 120mm fan, the rubber ''bead'' just keeps slipping back into the fan screw hole. I think these things are a great idea, but Im looking for a better product...

Initially great, then oxidized and broke.
Reviewer:Van_Arnam (7)
over 10 broke out of 20. They lasted about 5 months. the attached grill on one broke a fan blade on a neighboring fan. Is it just dry weather in California? not sure. none were exposed to direct sunlight nor were any ever in temps higher than 90F. maybe try some rubber shims?

Reviewer:SquatcHman (3)
These little guys are perfect for what they''re supposed to do. They reduce the surface area of the fan in contact with the case and position it far enough away from most case grills that noise from airflow is reduced as well. The only annoying part is installation as no instructions are included, but I was able to figure it out with common sense.

Total Isolation
Reviewer:MINDSCI (15)
These totally isolate the fan from the case panel by a mere millimeter or so. Suprisingly taught and secure. You''ll swear you''re gonna break them when your stretching and pulling them through, but you won''t.