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Rubber Anti-Vibration Screw 4-Pack for Open Chassis Fans - Black (RS-OC-BK)
Part #: scr-101
Price: $1.49
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Not Easy to Use
Reviewer: ()
These tear off very easily, suggest using the metal screw and bushing technique to for vibration problems.

These work perfectly
Reviewer:Sean C (5)
Like the review before me said, a small flat head screw driver is useful for pushing the rubber bead into the fan''s screw holes. I used these for the two intake fans on my CM 690II Advanced (stock front fan and a Thermalright TR TY-140 on the bottom). Quite simply, they removed all vibrational noise. They work great. One thing to note: if you use these for the front fan on a CM 690II case, you''ll have to cut off a bit of the outside part (that goes through the case, not through the fan) for them to fit under the front fan filter. It''s no problem at all, I''m just pointing it out.

Tool-less = awesome!
Reviewer:eightydee (14)
I''m going to do a quick review on these just to help people. I use these to save money and time swapping fans and save money on buy a fan silencer. I''ve never used a fan silencer because I''ve always used these. Ever since I seen them in a old Dell Dimension I had. They maybe a tab hard to get into the fan but I use a little (I mean little) flat head screw driver while I pull on the end. But once they are in they stay in. Absolutely, dissolves vibration, noise, and time. For a buck fifty for a 4 pack, these are well worth the money. One more thing to add. Perfect for putting a fan in a place where there is no fan placements. Example: CM HAF 932 front fan. Made for a 230mm fan with a 120mm mount available but for one who wants to use a 140, the holes are big enough to allow these to pop in and hold the fan. Good to have extra. Hope this helps!