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Thermal-Star 7-Backlight Illuminated Thermometer / Fan Bus (TM07)
Part #: tmp-38
Price: $19.99
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Reviewer:tmp-38 (1)
I have one I purchased to put in my x box 360 it works good but the display gets lighter in time I just ordered a new one..

Great product for the money
Reviewer:DHL (9)
I have two of these. First one has run flawlessly for a year without a problem. Great for monitoring up to 4 temps and 4 fan speeds. Good for when you don''t need fan control, as fans get FULL power (not a few watts like many controllers) And you can choose ANY combo of fans and temps to display, from a single temp to a single fan speed, and any combo up to 4 temps and 4 fan speeds. READ THE DIRECTIONS! Only complaint I have is that you have to select your display color each time you power up. This should be in EEprom along with your settings but its not a big deal.

Great Temp Monitor
Reviewer:ModBoy27 (1)
Smallest Temp Management system i have found so far, goes well with my Case mod. Easy to configure, small in size, different color back lights, Makes a great addition to any CUSTOM case!!!

Works but display changing drive insane.
Reviewer:JS (8)
If this had all four inputs on the screen or if you could select the input(s) to view then it would be OK but it cycles through all four temp/fan monitors whether there is anything connected or not.

Perfect for monitoring SOLAR POWER INVERTERS!!!
Reviewer:dexter (1)
I have used this item to monitor my solar powered home installation. It monitors 2 inverters, transformer, charge controller, ambient air temp, battery temp, panel temp, outside air temp, etc. More than one unit though. Two to monitor 8 different temps with alarms!!! Sell these to solar enthusiasts and they too will be VERY SATISFIED!! Thanks, FrozenCPU!!! Just state this operates on 5 volts d.c.