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Enzotech Forged Copper Northbridge Heatsink (CNB-S1) - 36mm x 36mm x 27.6mm
Part #: vid-83
Price: $19.99
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Great heatsink!
Reviewer:Daniel E (1)
-Put this on my G31M-ES2L Motherboard, and it fit perfectly -This really hot... it almost burnt me in 2 seconds! (which means it''s working) The great thing about it is that I can feel the heat coming off of it, which is something that I could not feel on my aluminum heat sink. -Solid copper. Copper is the second most thermal conductive metal around. (first is silver by a hair) Copper is almost twice as conductive as aluminum. -After doing some heatsink heat tests, I added a fan to push the hot air away. Worked like a charm! -I like the way the copper looks on my motherboard, so that''s a plus ;D -I used artic silver 5, but the thermal paste it came with looked pretty decent. It appeared to be silver based.

Cools well
Reviewer:Jerry (15)
Installed on an Asus Rampage Extreme, which comes with a water cooler (this machine is for my wife and she won''t have water). The Asus board is easy to remove the water cooler. This heat sink is NOT a bolt in for this board. I had to cut one of the mounting tabs off and create my own mounting system to get this heat sink on this board. Once installed it cools the NB to less than 100F without a fan (the case does have good air flow). Excellent heat sink, would use again.