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Enzotech Forged Copper Northbridge Heatsink - Artic Silver® Céramique™ Included (CNB-R1RevA.) - 44.7mm x 44.7mm x 30mm
Part #: vid-85
Price: $23.99
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The Sound of Silence...
Reviewer:Homebody (1)
This Enzotech CNB-R1 RevA replaced a stock aluminum heatsink and an aftermarket fan on my father''s DFI Infinity NFUltraII-M2 motherboard. The NForce4 chipset usually stabilized around 67 degrees Celsius under normal loads, but the keening whine of the 40mm fan was unbearable, even behind closed doors. This passive heatsink has liberated us from said noise, and even keeps temperatures lower than they were when actively cooled. We measured 64 degrees Celsius. The yellow mounting clip, sized at around 53.5mm, fit the DFI motherboard perfectly. The heatsink''s base is like a mirror, with no visible imperfections. Our particular heatsink was made in Taiwan. One niggling con: the "manual" it comes with (a single sheet of folded paper) refers to an older version of this heatsink which came with a yellow mounting clip sized at about 49.7mm. However, this heatsink DOES come with the 53.5mm clip, as stated above. Overall, though, I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to others.

Northbridge cooling
Reviewer:pjc52 (1)
Replaced the loud, mediocre unit on my Abit AI7, installed with no problems, nice and quite. A big improvement.

Effective and Easy to install
Reviewer: ()
Lowered temps by about 8 degrees celcius. Installation so easy "a caveman could do it." Nice tidy footprint. Got rid of my very noisy fan

very flexable
Reviewer:slick (7)
the stock passive cooler on my northbridge(icfx3200) outperformed this cooler, so i installed it on my southbridge. it didn''t fit until i milled out 3mm on each side(to make room for capacitors) and cut off 8 pins. this is a very mod-able heatsink; because of the softcopper, and flexible pins. very convent instillation mounts. a average performer, but will work better then most "stock" passive northbridge coolers.