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Lian Li Dual Power Supply Adapter Cable
Part #: cpa-167
Price: $14.99
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Does Exactly What It Should
Reviewer: ()
This works perfectly to mirror the "On" signal that the power button sends to both of the PSU''s. Goldman919 was completely correct: this sends no additional power to the mother board. In fact, it sends no additional power to anything - unless you plug something in to it. @PowerMan - Try switching your peripheral devices (i.e. CD drives, hard drives, fans, lights, etc) to the secondary power supply. That should reduce the load on the first supply, and hopefully let it give the video card what it needs... Having a second power supply isn''t good for anything if you dont hook it up at all. However, it Will produce extra heat... Which is most likely why your tower over heated. I recommend hooking in a couple of extra fans and powering them off your new second power supply. :-]

worked perfectly
Reviewer:goldman919 (1)
Worked great. It clicked my secondary psu on to run my fans and water cooling pump. I want to stress that what powerguy said is incorrect. This does not run more power to your motherboard. This uses the 2 wire connection to click on your 2nd psu for whatever you are using it for. It does not send any power to the mobo. Those wires are the jumper slots that turn the psu on when the power button is pushed.

Worked like a charm
Reviewer:chf1949 (4)
What else to say. It worked. Solved my need to add a power supply for additional graphics cards.

Just Get a New Power Supply
Reviewer:PowerGuy (1)
This thing does exactly what it''s supposed to do: run extra power to the motherboard. Hookup is easy as it looks. The drawback with this thing is that it runs extra power to the motherboard, not the graphics card like I needed it to. I bought this thing to use two psu''s until I could afford a decent one in replacement. My current power supply wasn''t big enough because my pc would just shut off shortly into a game (my card is the nvidia geforce gtx 560ti). With this part linking a 550W and 460W, my computer was still shutting down. I thought that more power to the motherboard would help bring more power to the vid card, but I guess not. This cable does work with both 20pin and 24pin psu, but do not use a 20pin with a 24pin. Doing so overheated my hard drive, so my computer was out of commission for a day. I was lucky that nothing was fried, especially since my data wasn''t backed up at the time. Overall, I''m not sure why you''d buy this. It''s a cool part, does what it should, and it didn''t blow up my gaming pc when I first tried it. But this cable really does not fulfill the purpose I needed it for.

Reviewer:RedR (3)
Couldn''t be happier. Works perfectly for running dual power supplies.

Lian Li Dual Power Supply Adapter Cable
Reviewer:WyldBill (1)
Arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Looks to be good quality compared to others I have seen.

Perfect solution if you need it
Reviewer:Todd (1)
This is the perfect solution if you need 2 power supplies to start at the same time. I use a second power supply to run hard drives and burners. Somewhat fragile. Removing this and reinstalling it a couple of times broke one of the pins. Probaly my fault but still be careful when installing it.