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Cooljag Everflow 120mm x 25mm 9-Blade PWM Fan (R121225BU)
Part #: fan-294
Price: $14.99
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Recomended Quality Fan
Reviewer:MahnBahna (1)
Been using this fan to cool an i7-930 oc''d at 3.6ghz from 2.8ghz with a Cogage True Spirit for 7 years now. Even at load during gaming (GTAV, Arma3, etc.) it makes alot less noise than the gpu cooler fans, and still has 25+% rpm left to max. Near silent at idle, web browse, etc usage.

Reviewer:Mike (2)
I am running these fans as a push/pull on a Coolermaster Evo 212 heatsink, and one of these as an additional filtered intake fan. I like running a "mild tweak" overclock instead of super pushing the specs as a lot of people do. I am running an FX8150 Bulldozer @ 4.2Gig and these fans keep my idle temp dead on 35degC at 80% RPM. These fans make noise, but are not noisy, the noise you hear is the rush of airflow from the massive cfm they can produce. Overall these 3 fans have dropped the whole computer temps by 5degC on EVERY component. The overall cooling benefit is astounding, and I am considering purchasing more for another build. My first time shopping experience with Frozen was SPOT ON PERFECTION and I would recommend them to anyone due to prices, selection, and customer service.

Best 120mm for me thus far
Reviewer:PeanutButterSandwichToastedWrapI (1)
The Cooljag Everflow plus my PWM controller gives me what I want when I want it. I can select a high RPM/CFM to cool my processor back to idle temps quickly or I can running quiet as long as I want maintaining a stable, but higher temp than idle under heavy load. At idle this fan''s noise level is acceptable. Maybe not quiet enough for some, but it can be tolerated in HTPCs. At 50%, the noise start to become very known. But like I said earlier, using the PWM I can select when and for how long I run the fan at high rpm/CFM. To sum it all up, excellent fan.

Slight Mounting Problem.
Reviewer:Great fan! But... (1)
It should be noted that this fan is AWESOME. Pushes a lot of air and is quiet about it. BUT, the mounting holes are one solid shaft (look at the second Partially side facing picture), Mounting this on a COCAGE True Spirit was difficult. Please be aware of the fan hole config before buying it. Otherwise, GREAT FAN! 5/5. Not deducting a star for my error.

Very impressive PWM fan
Reviewer: ()
I got this as an upgraded radiator fan for my Corsair H50. I was previously using a couple of lower performance fans in a push/pull configuration, and was not getting the kind of performance I wanted. I am running an AMD Phenom II X4 955BE C2 at 3.78GHz (stock is 3.2GHz) and 1.525 volts (stock 1.45). CPU temps with 100% load (Folding At Home) before were 55-57C, and now under the same conditions are 48C with fan at 100%. 100% on the fan gives about 2500RPM according to SpeedFan. At 2500RPM, this fan definitely makes itself heard. It''s not terrible, though, and with the computer under my desk it''s not loud enough that I need to turn up my music or talk in a louder voice to carry on a conversation. At lower speeds, the noise drops off significantly while coolingi performance remains respectable. I have Speedfan configured to run this fan to maintain a CPU temperature at or below 50C, and it will typically throttle back to 0% (805RPM) when the CPU is idle and gives a temp of 46C (I have Cool N Quiet disabled, so the processor is still screaming at 3.78GHz). I can barely even hear this fan below 45% (1200RPM) and that pushes my full-speed idle temp down closer to 40C. Though I''ve only been using it for a few hours, I think this is a superb fan that gives good quiet cooling for typical usage and when the need arises it can move enough air to cool off the hottest computers without being ridiculously loud.

Best. Fan. Ever.
Reviewer:Dizzious (1)
If you have a PWM header on your motherboard, and a need for a 120mm fan, then this is the fan you want. I cannot find any fan on the market that moves as much air as this one does while maintaining this low of a noise level. I''ve been using mine for over a year now, and it''s wonderful. Silent when the system is idling, and when I stress my machine and this fan kicks up, it''s still not any louder than my graphics card. One of these things for a CPU fan, and a couple of Enermax Marathons for case fans, and you''ve got the perfect airflow solution. Worth every penny.

Great Fan
Reviewer:Hardwar Man (2)
Used to replace fan in Thermalright 120 Extreme. Overclocked a Core 2 Quad to 3.6 with a 1800fsb, with this fan the tempratures droped 8-9C from stock. Yes, It can get loud, when keeping you CPU cool is very critical, like linpack stress test. Other than that it''s quiet when gaming and other tasks that may stress the cpu a little.

Great fan IF....
Reviewer:skypine27 (4)
...if your mobo is a modern one that fully supports the 4pin CPU fan control stuff. (My asus Rampage formula does). On my system, when the system is idle, the fan spins at 734RPM and is dead silent. When I put a big load on the CPU (like video encoding), the fan will spool up to about 1300 RPM. Then you definitely can hear it. Under super heavy load, I got the fan to spin up to 2000RPM at which point it is definitely loud. But, it''s doing is job, ie varying the RPM automatically depending on CPU temp. Great fan.

Very nice fan!
Reviewer:arcypoo (1)
This fan is amazing! It moves alot of air and is quiet, I can''t hear it outside of the case. This fan was used to replace the Tuniq 120 stock fan and has aided in bringing down my idle/load temps by about 6-10C. Definitely recommend it since it is one of the only PWM fans with a respectable (100+CFM) airflow (for the ones looking for the best in air cooling). One minor nitpick is that the motor could have probably been made smaller like the Scythe Slipstreams and allow the same airflow with lower RPM speeds and noise (got 3 1900rpm slipstream fans :D).