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SilenX Luxurae Hard Drive Silencing Solution (LX-HDSS)
Part #: hdc-47
Price: $24.95
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Quiet, but temps rose by 10C
Reviewer:DanTheMan (1)
Installed it and could barely hear the hard drive at all. Started monitoring HD temps and saw it creeping up and up all the way to 49C. Looked up operating temps max out for this drive at 60 so probably was still ok. In an open slot it never got over 38C in the same bay. Look for at least 10C bump in temps with this device.

Great Product
Reviewer: Anonymous
I purchased this for a TIVO Series 2 DVR. I upgraded from a 40gig hard drive to a Maxtor 200gig drive. The drive was making so much clicking noise, it was difficult sleeping at night. This barely fit in the case, but I was able to install it with the hard drive by taking out the mounting bracket. The TIVO is VERY Quiet with this muffling the hard drive noise.