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Cooljag Everflow 60mm x 10mm Fan (126010DL)
Part #: fan-328
Price: $9.99
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great fan, not silent at 12v
Reviewer:Cyril (1)
moves decent air, fits into slim spaces, kinda noisy at 12V

Perfect Fit
Reviewer:MacGyver0013 (3)
I have recently installed this fan into multiple Linksys WRT54G/S routers for cooling. They were attached to the inside top of the unit where the holes are, blowing the air up and out of the unit. Simply patched into the routers 12v source from under the board. Runs very quiet and moves more than enough air to keep the router cool to the touch. I have a bunch of Linksys devices stacked, if you have the same setup, I would recommend having the device with the fan on the top of the stack. It will keep the below 2-3 units cool as well. This fan size is important, 10mm thick, as the clearance inside the router is very small. I have done many measurements of the inside of the router and have determined that the 70mm wide fans will not fit due to a couple of reasons. If you choose to cool your Linksys router, get this fan. You can attach it with twist ties through the holes in the top of the router or like I did with that green magic putty stuff on the four corners. You don''t need very much, about half the size of a pea is more than enough per corner of the fan.

Works great
Reviewer:ChIck3n (2)
Very quiet, pushes more air than I thought it would. Very thin, I have it on my 780i NB heatsink. Got this one because a 25mm thick fan would not fit under my CPU cooler.