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Swiftech MCP655ô 12v Water Pump w/Speed Control(317 GPH)
Part #: ex-pmp-54
Price: $179.99
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Best Pump Ever Made - Seriously
Reviewer:JM (1)
I''ve been runnning this pump almost nonstop for 6 years now...

Really Good Pump
Reviewer:mcallisterbr (1)
I got this pump back on well here my order date Order Date: 06-03-14 and it still running strong it been moved from system to system and is still running strong as the day I got it flow is really good with this pump I plan on buying more for the other 3 desktop and plan on putting one on my XBox360 to replace what I have on it now and you can''t hear it run unless you put your ear to the pump.... This is a really good pump to buy buy buy!!!!!!!!!!

Powerful pump!
Reviewer:Lieo (2)
despite its power, it runs really quiet. you can never hear it running even in an open case. you''ll hear the fans but not this pump. i have 2 240mm rads + 1 gpu block + cpu block and a dozen angled fittings and this can handle them at a running speed #3

Great pump.
Reviewer:Great Pump. (2)
I have owned this pump now for almost a year and have liked it a lot. No serious complaints except for the fact that the fittings are not compression fittings. I had to use the plastic zips and zip ties together to eliminate waterleak at the fittings. Overall great.

Bought this 6/8/2012
Reviewer:Archangel BT2] (1)
About to build another rig (6th one) so looking for more water cooling gear. Bought this pump TWO years ago, still running strong, and silent on max settings. Keeps my i7 920 running at 4.9 Ghz in addition to the motherboard water block on my X583XSLI board. No complaints. Would buy it again. and again....

Spectacular Flow
Reviewer:nicktlloyd (13)
Love this pump, can''t say enough about it. I''m running a single loop with CPU, mobo and dual GPU blocks with a quad rad and almost 10 feet of tubing. This thing blasts water through all of it. Works extremely well inside the XSPC Dual Bay Res.

Great Pumps!
Reviewer:Tooterfish (9)
I was unsure about this product. I originally researched the pump on youtube, trying to get an idea for the overall practicality of the pump in comparison to other pumps. I have two of these in a redundant loop, cooling 3 580''s and a 2600k. My flow is overkill with these pumps, but where you get your money''s worth is in the audible nothingness it provides. They are very quiet, and the adjustable (i''m running at setting 2) speed really helps if you''re only cooling a few components. It is expensive, but you will NOT be disappointed, you owe it to yourself and your PC investment to buy this pump.

Amazingly quiet!
Reviewer:HASTE (6)
I came from an MCP 600 after running it 24/7 for about 8 years. It was quite audible, but performed well enough plus it lasted well beyond the MTBF. After getting my new loop installed and was turning this pump on for the first time, I did not think it was running at all, until I saw the water it was moving. It has a "soft start" so be prepared and do as the other reviewer suggested and have the pump pre-primed(water at the intake) or you will cause damage in a hurry. I cannot hear the pump, even on max settings, over my 5 raptors and 7 fans(low speed). I would have no problems suggesting this pump to anyone!

Developed a rattle at speed 5
Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
Initially it was silent at all speeds, but while still getting rid of bubbles it developed a rattle on the #5 speed setting. At 4 1/2 it is silent still, but I think I might RMA it. Otherwise, yeah, terrific pump.

Great, quiet pump!
Reviewer:Swinke (1)
Pump moves a ton of H2O w/o all the noise. Barely audible at max setting. Turned down 20% and you canít tell itís there.

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