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FrozenCPU 7-Spread Lazer LED Light - UV
Part #: ele-306
Price: $1.99
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Not as described
Reviewer:Devastation (1)
It is 1 Led behind 7 lenses.

Perfect for Anti Kink coils
Reviewer:MasonSTL (5)
These were perfect for my UV anti kink coils. I wanted something that just lit them up with out drowning my case in purple light and these did the trick perfectly.

They are OK
Reviewer:DasTweaker (6)
I bought a ton of these like 15 or so now. They are a cool purple kind of a more MELLOW case light. Now the LED''s are REALLY bright but since they are in the UV spectrum they are dim as an ambient light. Like the other reviewers said they suck for trying to make uv fluid glow, I believe it has to do with the uv spectrum that these operate in. Now if you use UV techflex and shrink tubing, or hell even flourescent gaff tape it will really seem to GLOW!! SO dont use this if you want your WC tubes to glow but if you are looking for a scaled down, I dare say "Refined" case lighting, I.E. your case will look great but not be a 200W lighbulb sitting in the room, than these are for you! I love ''em just what I wanted

hardly uv
Reviewer:vochore (1)
absolutely sucks as a uv source of light....even when putting it rt up to the new bottle of feser 1 purple uv reactive coolant it does nothing.

not worth it
Reviewer:eRazorzEDGE (8)
the uv effects are VERY limited. it''s basically just a bright purple LED.