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Part #: noi-11
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Reviewer:CoolQuietPwr (2)
Soft silicone about a millimeter thick. These have adhesive on one side - not shown/mentioned in the photos/desc. The backing can be peeled off or left on if you don''t want to permanently mount the strips to your device. These can also be easily trimmed or cut-up to use for many other noise-dampening applications. For my application, I used them on a DVD drive in a CM Stacker case. I couldn''t discern any noise or vibration dampening, but the drive was very quiet and smooth to begin with. (I just try to add noise dampening to anything in my case that can possibly cause noise - whether it seems to need it or not.) The drive+isostrips fit easily in the bay BUT, it would not fit using the tool-less rail mounting system - the plastic rails, isostrips, and drive combined was too wide to fit into the bay. Great, simple noise/vib solution.