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XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir - Black - Ball Front (BR525DBW)
Part #: ex-res-129
Price: $44.99
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needed to be belt sanded
Reviewer:Sean (3)
Pros: big, holds lots of water, looks nice, comes with led and barbs. cons: poor workmanship. my reservoir was not square and thus would not fit in my case. It was too wide on the bottom by about 1 mm. I had to take a belt sander to it in order to make it fit. This wasn''t a major issue for me, but it could be a problem for those of you without a belt sander.

Great res
Reviewer:Boinker (1)
As mentioned earlier it would be nice if it had an internal separator but in the same token it has the capacity to successfully keep all the air out of the system. within a few days the water system could not be heard... good product.

Good for distilled water.......
Reviewer:Desert Booger (11)
It''s built well but I would love to see those "Internal dividers." It''s just a big empty box, nothing to help out with air bubbles! I you want capacity this is a good product but don''t use it with Fluid-XP. I find that XP needs a more verticle resivoir to seperate the fine bubbles.

Works great
Reviewer:M4K4V3li (14)
This thing is huge takes up 2 5.25 bays and holds 2 bottles of fluid xp and only fills it half way but then again i have a huge loop. seems sturdy and well made thick plexi used and I feel comfortable with it and not too worried about leakage.