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Swiftech MCR120 "Quiet Power" 120mm Radiator w/ Reservoir - (MCR120-QP Res)
Part #: ex-rad-125
Price: $46.95
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Not bad
Reviewer:DIRT (6)
Saves money on buying a res. It is a 120mm radiator and cools better than large air coolers across all fan rpms. I''m giving it 4 star rating because mine is not square or flat. I wish it didn''t have barbs built into it so there would be more options. The barbs are not quite big enough for 3/8" tubing so clamps might not actually clamp on. Drain plug would have been nice.

good radiator
Reviewer:Pete (1)
I bought this about a year ago and it still works great. It keeps my quad core amd OCed to 3.1 Ghz right around 58C under 100% load 24/7. Compact enough that I mounted it on the back of mid tower. Its kinda tight with the ethernet and usb cables but that alright.

Great value and performance
Reviewer: ()
Easy to install and between the reservoir and the Aquabay M5, I have nearly a liter of coolant circulating, my systems stays nice and cool...even after palying "Crysis" maxxed out for three hours.

Great product.
Reviewer:Bryan (2)
This pared with the Apogee drive cpu heatsink and pump is the way to go for a simple and effective water cooling system. Had to modify my Antec 900 slightly to fit in my case. Not a big deal.