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Enzotech SLF-1 Forged Copper Northbridge / Southbridge Low-Profile Heatsink
Part #: vid-102
Price: $21.95
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Effective but noisy
Reviewer:ix-66 (3)
High quality copper heatsink, does its job well. Fits nicely under videocards. Fairly easy install. However Enzotechs''s website rates the attached 35mm fan @ 28dB; NO WAY. The annoying high-pitched whine coming from this little fan literally drowns out all my other 6 case fans combined.

The COOL Tiny Titan!
Reviewer:JCM (7)
Ok, for starters, this little guy may not look like much, but it sure pulls it''s own weight when it comes to keeping a chipset cool. I''m running an ASUS Rampage II Extreme board and this was the only cooler that I found that would fit and allow and XFi sound card to mount in the PCIE x1 slot. As usuall, stock heatsinks are usually below par, I would run Crysis 2 @ 1920 x 1200 w/ VSYNC and High detail for about 45 mins and my Northbridge would hit 70 celcius!!! But with this little monster on.... My NB would max out at 47 Celsius!!! MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!! Very pleased with this purchase and I would reccomend it to anyone!!

worth it!
Reviewer:Amann (3)
easy installation, looks good, I really like copper, along with these and mosfet copper heatsinks it really stands out on my board.. good functionality and looks (that I really like) only con I can think of is no tape covering the surface of heatsink? not that big of a deal but when I opened it I immediately left a fat finger print on the surface. Im just a little tempramental about anything but my chipset and TIM touching my heatsinks other than that good heatsink :)

Does the job very well
Reviewer:purevw (1)
When space is very limited, this is your best option. Cools much better than the factory cooler on my ASUS K8N-DL board. Can''t comment on the TIM since I used Arctic Silver 5. If you have a large video card, this will do the best job for you.

worked fine
Reviewer:sumthin gud (2)
replaced the crap heatsink on my maximus formula SE, and although it didn''t go on straight, it worked nonetheless. Dropped SB temps from 47 load to 36 load. beautiful. I think the given TIM is trash though.

Does the job and does it well.
Reviewer:FtP (1)
The sink and fan perform very well and fits where no other fan can go. I had previously had some issues with the snap on pins (which snapped right off, but after contact with Enzotech they shipped me new ones (so they also have good customer service). Recommended if you''re looking for something very low profile.

Great product
Reviewer: ()
This is a great product for cooling a Southbridge chipset, especially when it uses water to cool down the Northbridge. It fits on the graphic card on my motherboard perfectly and with multiple available mounting points the installation was a no-brainer! The cooler is in copper with super slick mirror finish appearance and is relatively quiet for a 40mm fan. Highly recommended.