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Innovation Cooling Diamond "7 Carat" Thermal Compound - 1.5 Grams
Part #: thr-41
Price: $9.99
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Reviewer:MajorB (1)
I don''t know if I put it on wrong or not. i put it on like every other kind I''ve ever used. But I applied this to my cooler and start my machine and watched the temp go up to 80!! I cleaned it off and put Arctic Silver 5 and I''m running at 36. I''ll never use this again!

Great TIM
Reviewer:mcfool123 (7)
I''ve tried many other tim''s while working in a computer shop and have to say this is the best for the price that I have come across. Need to try the shin-etsu but when it comes to my personal rigs I will use this. While it does scuff the IHS and cooler a little it''s just surface marks and wont affect anything. On cpu (NH-D14) I saw a 5-6 degree drop instantly. As for gpu it was only about a 2-3 drop on average but the max is down about 5.

Highly effective TIM
Reviewer:Dhalmel (2)
My loads dropped 5''c load from Artic Siver 5''s load on my GTX 570. Yes after a 10 day period of burn in for AS5. Application was simple, pea size dot for CPU,2 pea size dots for GPU. Heating it up with hot water helps the spreading. I heard about leaving the TIM on the GPU for 10 minutes before contact was also needed, tried it on my GPU, didn''t really see a difference compared to the CPU drop. Well worth the price. FOR NOVICES: DO NOT SPREAD THE TIM WITH YOUR FINGER, DOT METHOD IS THE ONLY GOOD METHOD.

It''s okay.
Reviewer:SeeD419 (4)
I''m not really impressed with this thermal paste and it''s mostly because of the hype, graphs, and charts that I saw before ordering. It works, and the temps are okay...but it''s not a godsend by any means. I''ve used this now on 6 different chips, and not a single chip has had a noticeable drop in temperature when compared to any other basic thermal paste. I''ve tried the spread method, the pea method, and experimented with applying different amounts of the paste, and each time my load temps are 50C - the same as they are with the lame $3 silicone paste from my local computer shop. I guess for novelty of "hey I''m using diamond powder" it''s cool - but as far as functionality don''t bank on it being anything amazing. I applied this to my laptop''s cpu as well because it tends to shut off when it gets too hot (typical) and it was currently mounted with silicone paste. I applied the IC diamond, burned it in, and it still shuts down due to CPU overheating. I used the pea method and got a great spread with it. So overall I''m not impressed and wouldn''t bother ordering it again. I''m glad others seem to have good results though...

Great Product
Reviewer: ()
at least 20 degrees differnce on my GPU great product fast shipping thanks

Works great but not for the novice.
Reviewer:JS (8)
Works great but application is not for the novice due to its gritty/gooey consistency.

Innovation Cooling Diamond "7 Carat" Thermal Compound - 1.5
Reviewer:norberto (19)
works good so far keep cpu temps down fast ship ty

Exellent stuff!!
Reviewer:Ken M. (3)
I live this stuff. I can''t really say more than has already been said.

Lovin it
Reviewer:Cossatot (1)
Just put some of this on my AMD 955BE and I am loving it compared to Arctic Silver 5. My temps are down about 2C. At stock I was idling at 27C and load 34C. I bumped up my multiplier to just 3.6Ghz and now I idle at 31C and load is at 44C. Also when applying I used the instructions on the Innovation Cooling website. Worked like a charm. Some people say you have to heat it up in a cup of hot water first but I didnt and it was still easy to apply. I let it sit for 10min before applying my H50 Corsair. Anyways, if you have doubts, dont. Buy it now and thank me later

WOW i jsut got impressed
Reviewer: ()
i7 920 oc @ 4GHZ 60c LOAD lynx Now before i got this i had AS 5 and loads would hit 86c+, im very impressed!!! Current idle= 33c AS5 idle was= 44c BUY BUY BUY!!!! Im smiling right now!!!!

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