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Noctua NF-B9 92mm Fan (31 CFM)
Part #: fan-424
Price: $18.75
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Silence is Golden
Reviewer:Englaise (5)
I had four 92mm and one 80mm fan in my largest server case which contains 21 hard drives (video file server) and it was obnoxiously loud. After replacing all fans with Noctua fans, it''s just a whisper. Like someone else said, I had to look to see that the fans were spinning they are so quiet. Not only that, they move plenty of air...everything is nice and cool without all the noise pollution...and that''s running them at full speed! I don''t care about the color because I can''t see them. Use the rubber pegs for maximum vibration isolation and quietness. I found that small needle-nose pliers or hemostats work well for seating the fans on the pegs after manually seating them in the fan mounting holes.