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Akasa Thermal Adhesive Tape - 80 x 80 mm Square (AK-TT12-80)
Part #: thr-43
Price: $4.99
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Works great, strong bond
Reviewer: ()
In terms of sticking a light heatsink to memory or something like that, this thermal tape is pretty good. The bond it will form between the heatsink and the memory is quite strong. In fact, you''ll have to use a little care if you remove a heatsink that''s been attached by this tape or you could damage your components. Also, not to be a jerk, but who in their right mind would try to use this stuff on their CPU cooler, then rate the tape poorly for something it''s not even supposed to do?

Best thermal tape I''ve used
Reviewer:eRazorzEDGE (8)
To the guy below "iTRIEDit", this tape is not meant to hold a CPU heatsink to a CPU. It specifically says "not intended for CPU or GPU use." It''s meant for lightweight chipset heatsinks, such as Swiftech MC 14 RAMsinks and MC 21 MOSFETsinks. Make sure both the heatsink and component are thoroughly cleaned before applying tape for the strongest hold.

thermal adhesive tape
Reviewer:iTRIEDit (1)
will not hold cpu cooler block to cpu tried it on amd socket A /462. also tried a different block for socket 370 still fell off works good on mod lights .