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Evercool Ice Storm HDD Air Conditioner (EC-HDAC)
Part #: hdc-57
Price: $28.99
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6 yr. Wonder
Reviewer:SeaDot (1)
This unit is awesome. A system or any HD necessity. Buying second one today. My System Drive a SeaGate Fire 2GB HDD/SSD hybrid runs a consistant 5 degees FH lower with a low speed. It works. Its quality. Like the temp display also. Reason for replacement? Everything gets old. Mine is a tad noisy. Say that Krazy K review is hmm just that Krazy. I really get disgusted when people like this one knocks a product based on WHO KNOWS. Maybe he/she runs his/her''s whatever computer next to a furnace or the HD is old or the rig is a mess without proper cooling. WHo knows. To all you out there buy this product. It works beautifully. Thanks Frozen CPU!!

Works just fine. Buying a 2nd one today
Reviewer: ()
I''ve been very pleased with this cooler. The readout is handy as well as the fan speed control. In an ambient temp of 75*F it keeps it at 72*F on the lowest fan speed.

A necessity?
Reviewer:Krazy K (2)
Don''t worry about buying the Evercool HDAC, it''s quiet(on low) but it doesn''t cool. The temperature of the drive is what ever it wants to be. With the drive idling and the fan at 3900 RPM the temp was 41.6, at 2130 RPM the temp rose to 42.2. I could turn up the 120mm in the back and get the temp to drop to 41.2, which doesn''t involve cutting up my case, spending $30, and listening to 2 fans. IMO, if you got an empty bay and $40 burning a hole in your pocket, buy a book and stick in the bay. It will do just as much good and you can read it when your drive overheats.