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AcoustiPack EXTRA: Sheet 3 Layer Professional Sound Dampening (APExtS)
Part #: noi-17
Price: $25.99
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Works, but deteriorates
Reviewer:Lutorm (4)
Ten years ago (!), I covered all the nooks and crannies of my Antec P180 with this, mostly to dampen out the whine from the hard drive. It does work and I''ve been happy with it, but when it finally came time to retire that case now, the foam had degraded to a sticky, slightly slimy consistency that smears off everywhere and is really nasty. The moral here is probably to replace them more often than I have...

Great Product
Reviewer:Andrew (4)
This product is very wonderful. You need to start with your expectations at a minimal and then be surprised at how much sound this isolates. In tests at a few reputable websites, they said the ultrapack reduces noise approximately 7 dB. However, the thing I like the most about it is that it absorbs a lot of the worse ends of the sound spectrum, i.e. high pitched fan noise, fan clicking, capacitor whine, etc. It leaves only a gentle, low hum if you have your decent quality fans in your system spinning at 50-75%. As someone already mentioned, its not going to make a 3000k rpm fan inaudible, but if you have quieted your system as best you can and you want 7dB less noise, this is the product for you. Also Pictures: Materials on the Side Panel (a tad sloppy, but rarely seen :) ): Some extra cutouts for the HDD Tower: A small strip on a 280 radiator: Complete System:

Hands down the Best Sound Dampening Product!!!
Reviewer:TOOdamnFRANK (3)
This product arrived on my door step along with the sound dampening kits / materials from Modright and Lian Li and it blows both of them out of the water. According to my trusty Radio Shack SPL Meter it cut the sound levels by about 9db at a distance of like 15 feet. Since the rig is to be used in a music recording studio every DB counts. The density of this product alone will help stops vibration resonance, and then when you factor in the honeycomb top layer that eliminates a lot of higher frequency fan / air pressure noise this thing is a real winner. It is 7mm in thickness which is only 1mm shy of being twice as thick as both of the other products, but even if you doubled up on the other types / brands you still wouldn''t have the middle rigid layer that this company has inside that does a great job at stopping vibration noise in its tracks. This stuff rocks and is actually worth the premium price tag unlike a lot of other stuff. The only possible downside I can see is that it is just about the exact thickness of standard brass motherboard stand-offs, so i would not advice using it under your boards as per the instructions, but then again I personally wouldn''t use any under sound dampening materials under my mobo back side for obvious reasons.

It works
Reviewer:Steve (1)
First thing I noticed is how heavy this stuff is. Does it work?? Yes, is it going to make your PC silent by But if you are trying to eek out every bit of noise reduction you can then this stuff will help you.

Good Stuff
Reviewer:Jerry (15)
If you want a way to make the air borne noise in your PC not make it out, this is the stuff to use. It works really, realy well. Very think and dense, really takes care of all the noise. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to make their PC quieter.