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Akust 80/92mm to 120mm Fan Adapter - Black (FG01-0100-AKS)
Part #: duc-47
Price: $6.99
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Perfect fit
Reviewer:XionEternum (4)
Taking into account any concerns regarding the other review; I''ve mounted this using the 92mm spacing holes. They admittedly fit perfectly without issue. I''ve got this mounted the the fan braces of a BFL Bitforce Little Single''s heatsink. Using the chassis screws instead of the fan screws since I needed something shorter and the same treading. From there, I used the included long screws to mount a CoolerMaster Sickleflow 120mm on top. While this fan gets some heat for lying about it''s performance, it does at least push a lot more air harder and faster than most especially in the same price range while being a lot quieter. From the default fans in the BFL unit which sounded like a hairdryer on high and resulting in 58c temps, to a mere 49c with this one fan replacing both, I think we have a clear winner. I know most of the above was about the CM fan, but considering this duct can funnel a cheap 120mm fan''s air THIS well, it''s a testament to what it''s really capable of.

it works
Reviewer:bluedart12 (6)
the adapter does what it says it does, but the screw hols don''t line up quite wright, you can make it fit with a little bending of the adapter but the screws will go in a little bent, maybe it is just me, i am connecting a small 80 mm radiator to a 120 mm fan with this and it will work just fine but it took a few minuets to get it wright that is my one compliant. it will still be plenty strong to hold the radiator in place over all good product just a little tight.