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4 Pin to Triple SATA Power Adapter Cable (SATA-PW3)
Part #: cab-143
Price: $6.99
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Poor contstruction, needs less heat shrink
Reviewer:Brian (2)
Like the other reviewer, the spacing is double what it should be. This means you''re putting excessive force on the connectors. One of mine snapped, and I had to pop it off and replace it with a spare sata power plug I had. The heat shrink is far too stiff, just sleeve it or better yet have nothing getting in the way. You might be better off just modding your own cables to be honest.

Awsome Idea
Reviewer:Dude (9)
The idea is great, in fact I think this is the only pre-made cable like this. The problem is the spacing... It is TWICE what it needs to be. It measures 2 inches center to center. Normal hard drive bays are 1.25 inches from center of sata power to center of sata power. I will be tearing it apart and rebuilding it. I usually like forzencpu parts, but not this.