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Swiftech MCRES Micro Rev. 2 Small Form Factor / High-Flow Reservoir (1/2" ID & 3/8" ID)
Part #: ex-res-144
Price: $39.99
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Low size, high quality
Reviewer:l3oxy (2)
Fits within two 3.5mm drive bays. Works perfectly. I have the inlet on the side and the outlet on the bottom.

Great product for the price
Reviewer:MasonSTL (5)
This would out really well for my smaller loop. I was surprised by the quality. Fit it in my drive bay with the mounting bars.

Great as long as I stick to the factory config
Reviewer:Emile (6)
Dirt cheap, very durable acrylic, and comes with everything (two plugs, two 3/8" barbs, two 1/2" barbs, 2 pairs of clamps for both sizes, and all mounts and hardware). I swapped the bottom plug for the barb to use that as the Outlet port to my pump''s inlet port and I immediately got a slow-drip leak from the bottom. Went back to the original configuration and voila no leaks. Mounting was very decent, just went through an existing hard drive hole in my Fractal''s upper hard drive rack, and an open space for the bottom portion but needed some Velcro for additional support at the base. I would definitely buy this and use this reservoir again but only based on using inlet/outlet on the side.

Well built, great versatility and great accessories.
Reviewer:Derek (1)
This reservoir really impressed me when I first opened the box. The acrylic used is very thick and feels like a much higher quality product than the price would lead you to believe. The versatility of the pump allows for virtually any case mounting. Swiftech includes many ways to mount (bracket, velcro, etc). I used a male-male G1/4 adapter to mount on top of my MCP35X. Great res. Made my build MUCH easier!

Reviewer:svthomas (27)
Such a great lil res. Works wonderfully.

Reviewer:DynamicJ (4)
Fits great, looks great, and no leaks!!!! Definitly recommend it!!!!

Reviewer: ()
Even w/ the plastic barbs & no thread-seal tape, I got no leaks. The included barbs are the nicer ones w/ flanges btw. I love how they put the little hole in the baffle. Overall, this is a well engineered res (especially for the price). My only guff is the mounts. The metal pieces are close to useless for me and it''d be nice if there were mounts on top too.

Reviewer:Sir Pwn4lot (4)
I actually bought the 1st version, which doesn''t have the bottom port, but they don''t sell that anymore so here we are. Same thing anyway. I found it hard to mount, it was difficult to find a place for it. I had some leak problems with the threads. Save yourself some trouble and get better cooling through a passive cooling reservoir, they look amazing too. Wish I had have.