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Corepad C1-Series Premium Cloth Mouse Pad - Large
Part #: pad-150
Price: $19.99
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Want a pad that will last you 4 many years?
Reviewer:Ferros1ty (1)
I''m a slob. I bought this pad when I was in 10th grade Waay back in 2006 when I built my first custom PC. This Mouse pad is HUGE! Itís got just the right amount of grip so it does not slide off my desk. Its somewhat thick.. Like half the size of a 1-subject notebook. Its also 98% stain proof. The Logo and all other printed designs are part of the surface so your mouse glides off 100% of the surface without annoying printed on advertisement making you miss that headshot like some other expensive xtrac padsÖ The surface makes for an ideal background in E-bay pics. This mouse pad is also a great place to isolate fragile/expensive computer since it has such a large surface area. I''m going to graduate college in 1 semester and I''m still using my first pad to this day!... albeit is not as nice as it was when I got it brand newÖthatís why Iím buying another one! I didnít even think they still made them with the same design and everything! It matches my G5mouse(second edition since Iím not that old school). The edges of the mouse pad didn''t start to show fibers until my first year of college (very mildlyÖ and only because Iím an abusive donkeyHole to this thing). The surface has peeled ALMOST about an inch on one corner (ALMOST an inch). After more than half a decade of constant abuse, I can honestly say this mouse pad is Legit. Also, don''t rub re-fried beans on it. You see this mouse pad looks brand new after you wash it offÖ in fact this thing washes off real nice but for some reason beans never come off... its amazing how resilient this pad is, Guacamole, hot sauce, potato chips, dog hair, water cooling liquid, dirt, jizz, dust, MOTOR OIL CAME OFF TOO WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A STAIN and mud come off too and it looks brand new every time... but beans... No man. I''ve got two brown beans stain starrin back at me. The second one was not accidental; I was just making sure the stain came from where I thought it came from. It was the beans... anyways its 2012 and although Iím a broke college student IĒM buying my second core pad!