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Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe M12-S2 120mmx25mm Ultra Silent Fan - 1250 RPM - 19 dBA
Part #: fan-517
Price: $17.99
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Great fans!
Reviewer:Indo (1)
I have 5 of these in my system and I cannot hear them at all. The only fans I hear at my Gentle Typhoons AP-15 which I have running as my cpu fans. These fans are insanely quiet and push out a good amount of air. I would get them all over again! :)

Some people dont know what there talking about!
Reviewer:znegative (2)
This is one of the best fans out there. It does not matter which way you set them vertical or horizontal, as long as make the screws snug not to tight.

Reviewer:brian (7)
extremely quiet. im going to be buying more of these. best fan i have used so far.

Fan Vibration and Noise
Reviewer:MarkP (1)
I bought three of these fans. They are pretty quiet and vibration free as long as they are vertically oriented. This all changes if you mount them in a horizontal position with the air blowing upwards. Then they vibrate a lot, transmitting the vibration into my chassis. so a word of advise is to get these fans if they are vertically mounted, look elsewhere for horizontal mounting.

Worth It
Reviewer:Eric M. (1)
This fan is very expensive, but you get what you pay for. Not only is it the quietest fan I''ve ever used, but it also looks great. This thing doesn''t vibrate at ALL--I can feel any other fan I have vibrating if I hold it while it''s spinning. Not this one. I bought one of these for my new heatsink, and even 1 is expensive. But if I were using them for something else, I would never buy more than two..they''re too expensive!

Good Fan
Reviewer:Jerry (15)
Quiet, moves a decent amount of air. Very hard to hear run. A little pricy, but clearly worth it.

07-11-2009 (2)
This thing is the most silent fan i''ve ever had. I have three of these hooked up to a Danger Den radiator and I can''t hear a sound. I assume the faster RPM version is just as silent. Had i known how silent this model was I would have gotten the faster model for more air.

Aweome fan!
Reviewer:Alberto T. (2)
This fan is very nicely built, from the silicone rubber posts, to the shinny clear fan blades, the fan has quality written all over. And did I mention it''s really quiet? It IS very quiet too. Got four of these for my case, and I couldn''t be happier!