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Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe M12-P 120mmx25mm Ultra Silent PWM Fan - 1000-2000 RPM - 12-29 dBA
Part #: fan-519
Price: $17.99
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not quiet at all for me!
Reviewer:panta (21)
just referring to its loudness: at 1250rpm almost inaudible, but 1700-2000rpm as case (rear in my case) fan is annoyingly loud.. so i moved it between 2 CPU heat-sinks towers of CM V8 which surprisingly manage to mute it almost completely at 2000rpm. as case fan i would have replaced him. not recommending as case fan if you value your quiet. aside loudness - it''s a high quality silicone mounted fan which i would recommend!

not really silent
Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
I have three of these in the top of my Corsair 800D. I use a Lamptron FC4 controller. At full chat, they are not even remotely silent. I don''t know what people are talking about when they say this, unless what I''m hearing is the sound of air being sucked through the Feser radiator. That''s certainly possible. I can hear them from the adjacent room. I still give them 5 stars, because they are beautifully made fans, and all things considered they are still pretty quiet for 3 fans at 2,000 RPM.

Reviewer:Taimen (4)
I would only add to what other reviewers said: 6-year warranty; sleeved wires; and I did not have a vibration problem with the fan in horizontal position. In addition to rubber "ears" as contact points, there is a frame gasket (shown attached in the first FrozenCPU image) that may be used for contact. As long as the contact is firm, there is no vibration any which way mounted. I bought 3 and will get more.

Silent and Vibration Free
Reviewer:Sal Mucci (3)
Moves good amount of air and is virtually silent at full speed. PWM feature is great on my Mega Shadow. Push pull with another Noiseblocker keeps my CPU air cooling quiet and effective. Yes it''s pricey but it''s very well built. This fan will endure punishment for years.

Awsome Fans
Reviewer:Trin (2)
Great fans! Have them in a push/pull configuration with a Prolimatech Mega Shadow. Kind of went on a limb on this but glad I did. Expertly engineered and keeps my Intel 920 very kool.

Great fan - a bit pricey
Reviewer:sixscrews (1)
This is an excellent fan - very quiet with an unusual mounting system that isolates fan vibration from the system. The mounting uses elastomer ''ears'' at the corners of the frame instead of the usual hard plastic. The frame is suspended in this elastomer, giving excellent isolation - provided you ONLY contact the elastomer ears - push the frame against the case and the benefit is gone. The mount can cause problems in some situations - for example, I couldn''t use the standard clips to mount it to my Noctua cooler (I wired it in place - don''t tell anybody...). The PWM control is good (don''t buy a fan without it!) and the noise level is non-existent up to 75% speed. I have not measured CFM or static head but it works great with my Noctua NH-C12P on an i7 920 - a 35C rise over ambient at 1200 RPM @100% CPU use. Only downside is the price - but you get what you pay for. ss