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Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe M12-S3HS 120x25mm Ultra Silent Fan - 1800 RPM - 27 dBA
Part #: fan-518
Price: $17.99
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Fun while they last.
Reviewer:Crispex (4)
Felt the need to post again to help anyone considering these, since I''ve had a few of them for a long time now...At least, I''d like to say "a long time". As in my previous post, the two mounted vertically to my hard drive bays were the only survivors after a year of use. I''m writing this to report that the other two have almost simultaneously, as of this posting date, begun acting like washing machines on the spin cycle. Very energetic washing machines. I don''t know how they both managed to start falling apart at the same time, but this failure is well before the supposed "130,000 hours!" mark. Not saying I didn''t love ''em, but when the fan is picky about orientation AND fails a very long while before it''s slated R.I.P. date? Well, that''s too much. Maybe I just got 5 bad fans all at once.

High hopes...
Reviewer:Crispex (4)
Beautiful, solid construction. At first glance you get everything you payed for, and maybe a bit more. I originally bought one to test it out. Set it in vertically, worked great for cooling off my hard drives. Waited two weeks, bought four others. Three to mount to the top exhaust of my CM ATCS 840, one other for the other spot next to the hard drives. Only 2 of them have survived the past year, so, 3 stars. Apparently, placing these in the horizontal position does something to their bearings. One stopped completely, one started making grating noises, one started rattling and could never spin up totally. HOWEVER, once these fans were removed from the case and placed in a vertical position, they ran perfectly. Also, they run louder than the specs say. As long as you don''t buy them for any horizontal application, you''ll be perfectly well satisfied, because they definitely move a lot of air.

Reviewer:2dogs (9)
I bought 4 of these a couple years ago because of high reviews, but I''ve HAD 3 OF THEM GO BAD, AND 2 FREEZE UP AFTER 18 MONTHS (those two were mounted horozontally)!! And they were not that quiet as reviews showed. I''ve had much better luck with the twister or fluid bearings...

Best Quality Fan Around
Reviewer:Coatii (1)
Everything about this fan screams quality, beatiful blades, squishy soundproofing edges, dead quiet... WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Looks even better in person.
Reviewer: ()
I won''t go into details but I do not regret spending the money for this fan. Very smooth motor noise that you can only hear if at full speed and put your ear right next to the hub. Seriously, it looks nicer than I expected from pictures, makes you feel like you got something that''s of superb quality and class.

Reviewer:hackztor (6)
Amazing quality on this fan. Sleeved which makes it even better. Rubber all around the edges even where the screws go in help with vibration dampening. Looks awsome fan. Only con is price and no color leds. They get very expensive when you have a tower case with 8 fans x 23 bucks each. Wish could get discount for large batches.

Moves a lot of air
Reviewer:Jerry (15)
This fan moves a lot of air, but does have a slight hum to it. It''s probably not as quiet as I would have hoped, but it does move enough air to keep things cool. Mounting system is weird. The section the screws go into is all rubber. Which is great for reducing structure borne noise caused by vibration. But, you can''t make the screws tight if you are mounting them through a case wall. I put in some long machine screws with small washers and nuts to hold them in place. I don''t think they would fall off, but I just don''t get a warm fuzzy that you really can''t make them tight.

Reviewer:Dozo (2)
I was very pleased with this fan. Quiet, moves a lot of air, and the rubber framing makes for an easy install job. With that said, if price is a concern for you, I don''t know if this does the job so far beyond a Scythe fan that it''s worth buying. If you don''t care about the 8 bucks, then get this. The combination of low-noise and high air-flow is as good as it gets.

Reviewer:cj (1)
Hard rubber frame , very quiet, and well constucted.

Reviewer:dugless (1)
Three of these mounted on a Feser 360. Together they make less noise than most video cards and push enough air to keep my temps down. Worth the price.