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Hard Disk Drive Anti-Vibration Screw (Shoulder Screw Type)
Part #: scr-138
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Great product!
Reviewer: ()
Great product. As another reviewer pointed out, you will need to drill bigger holes in the drive mounts of the case (NOT the drives!). I used a 1/4 inch drill bit and the grommets fit perfectly. I also had to slightly bend the mount chassis of the case outwards to give the drives a little extra room (to accommodate for the extra thickness added by the grommets). Otherwise, the grommets get sheared off when sliding the drive back into the chassis. I recommend ordering a few extra grommets in case this happens.

Unbelievable Easy Solutions For HD Vibrations!!!
Reviewer:Unbelievable Easy Solutions For (1)
First time ever , after DELL computers, I bought HP Pavilion... From the first day I''ve received it, I''ve noted annoying loud noise, coming from hard drives... Replacing hard drives did not helped. And then... I found a LITTLE - LITTLE difference between DELL assembly and HP assembly - DELL using rubber washes in-between HD''s and case everywhere!!! I''ve purchased these Hard Disk Drive Anti-Vibration Screws with the really soft rubber washes and installed it. Have to tell you - it is not 0just insert rubber washes and go... - You may need to drill existing holes to bigger size to fit rubber washers- and that''s it. The HD NOISE DISAPPEARED AT ALL!

screwed in a good way
Reviewer:cwk (1)
These screws and grommet combo''s are the perfect fit for those who have purchased a normal tower and wanted to get rid of excess vibration from hard-drives! When they arrived I noticed that they are too large for standard case holes that are pre-punched for hard-drive screws. In order to remedy this you will need a 15/64ths (.234”) drill bit and a steady hand. After enlarging the holes for the grommet, (remove your hard drives first!), I test-fit the hard-drive with the grommets in. They slid in with minimal resistance and the screws held the drives in securely! After reassembly and booting, I thought I forgot to plug the hard-drives in. The vibration is GONE from my tower. Thanks FrozenCPU! Note: When installing the screws you only need to tighten them until they are firm, over tightening will result in cutting the grommet.