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Koolance Radiator Mounting Bracket w/ Quick-Release (BKT-HX001)
Part #: ex-rad-159
Price: $54.99
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Great Mount
Reviewer:Steve (3)
I bought this to replace an old mount i rigged up with shelf brackets. The mount is sturdy enough to handle my 4x120mm radiator, and the quick disconnect feature makes bleeding the radiator a breeze.

Very Solid Mount
Reviewer:taz1 (7)
I too used this to mount an AQ 360 all copper rad. As the other reviewer mentioned, there is no play or wobble. The stand off from the case is useful because I set up the 140mm rear fan on my HAF X to draw cool air in. Having said this, keep in mind that the heavy thumb nuts that secure the bracket inside case will create fan mounting problems. I simply used 3 Phobya 140mm shroud gaskets to create internal clearance from the thumb nuts to mount the case fan. Worked perfectly, just watch alignment of the gaskets while installing. This bracket is highly recommended especially for heavier radiators.

The Best
Reviewer:Mike (5)
This is one of best rad mounts on market it will handle just about anything. I have Aquacomputer 360rad with fans mounting on this and it doesn''t bend or flex. Its Very solid. Not to mention its extend feature. Look no further trust me its well worth the money. Also If you use this with 600T but plan on using the rear case fan make sure you have some machine screw hardware cause stock hardware wont let you have stock case fan still installed.

Reviewer:Ahmed al-Thani (2)
This high quality mounting bracket from koolance really does it. Imanaged to mount my 240mm rad without any problems.