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Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentFan XR2 60mmx25mm Ultra Quiet Fan - 2200 RPM - 15 dBA
Part #: fan-585
Price: $7.99
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No 60mm fan is silent...
Reviewer:Fuzzilla (1)
... however this 60mm XR2 from Noiseblocker is nearly silent! In a quiet room, at 13.5v and 1 meter there are very low amounts of motor noise and turbulence audible when the fan is freestanding. As if resistance is factored in, that turbulence disappears when mounted behind 1mm thin wire mesh grilles. At 7v and 1m the turbulence disappears altogether and motor noise is barely audible, the fan still having good air flow and static pressure. At 5v and 1m this fan is practically inaudible but moving little air. Vibration is low at any speed. I have yet to find a "silent" fan that still moves good air in any size, but I never expected a 60mm that does both as well as this one. I will be trying more NoiseBlocker fans soon. I hope this helps someone!

Great... in theory
Reviewer:UberJew (1)
On paper, it sounds great. It fills the niche of the hard to find quiet 60mm fan and moves decent air. It''s a great looking design as well. After installing it in a home server chassis I noticed it wasn''t very quiet. I volt modded it to 7 volts and it was quieter (still not that quiet) and still moved decent air. My main gripe is that I bought 2 and both started to fail in a few months by making a grinding noise. The fans still work, but are very noisy because they are failing. That totally defeats the purpose of this product. I wouldn''t recommend a product that breaks to anybody.